In 1934 Onofre Alonso opened as a small print shop in the heart of Madrid.

Seventy years later, still a family-owned business, we offer our clients full printing services ranging from a simple design to nation-wide distribution of advertising materials.

An experienced team and maximum quality control at each stage of the process, help us to satisfy our clients´ needs.

> In the beginning

"When I finished my studies at Colegio Maravillas I got my first job; I was almost fourteen years old"

"I had the honour of taking proofs to the author Benito Perez Galdos"

"There was a contest to decide who were going to be the first Lynotipists in Madrid"

"I became quite good at my job, not because of what I was taught, but because of my own conviction"

Onofre Alonso, Excerpts from his Memoires

Download Complete Memoires in Spanish


Experienced creative and layout professionals carry out the pre-printing stage, from the initial draft to the final digital proof.

Our 1, 2 and 4 colour machines print a full range of top quality products: business cards, stationary, multi copy forms, catalogues, brochures...

We use various post printing machines to give each product its final touch

We package and label our clients´ products and deliver them when and where needed

Onofre Alonso supports the nutrition, training, schooling and fist aid programs that the NGO "Por la Sonrisa de un Niño" carries out in Cambodia.

Onofre Alonso participates in the sponsorship of humanitarian aid and development projects for persons and organizations needing help, independent of considerations of race, religion, nationality or ideology.


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